Breaking our Fear Consciousness Habit


Breaking our fear consciousness habit requires diligence. As with any ‘bad habit’ we are seeking to transcend.

One of the ways in which we so DO….break the bad habit of negative thinking specifically that is, IS flip around whatever negative self talk we got go’n on in our head, completely flip it around.

For example, ??if you’re saying:
“Why does this always happen to me?” or “Why doesn’t this happen to me?”,
ya gotta put a positive spin on the questions….such as:
“Why do fabyoulous things always happen to me?”.

Important to note, especially when speaking to Asking our Self QUESTIONS….we are getting into the field of “affOrmations”, a spin on the well known “affirmations” created by Noah St. John. Noah pointed out a ONEderFull phenomena that occurs naturally in our brains when we pose questions to self.

Our brain naturally goes looking for answers to our questions……however uplifting or demeaning they may BE. More over, it goes in search of supporting material for our questions. In other words, if we ask a demeaning question, our brain will go in search of an answer that supports the statement within the question. So, in our earlier example, if we ask “Why does this [bad things] always happen to me?”, our brain will go in search of why bad things happen to us and give us a whole list of reasons to support our statement. Of course, the same is true when we ask a positively based questions, such as “why do good things always happen to me?”, our brain will naturally go in search of evidence showing why good things always happen to us.

Thus, the simple act of flipping around a negative based question to a positive based one naturally sets into motion a cascade of positively affecting neural transmitters that further enhance our over all mood and mind set. Important to note that our moods and the hormones regulating them all find their ‘central home base’ in our brain, sooooo, once we start stimulating the ‘right centers’ of our brain, the ‘happy’ centers, we create a snowball effect of increasing happyness as a result…….of course the same is true in the opposite direction….the choice of course, as allways is ours for the making.

For those times when the mind’s negative tape is just soooo loud and strong it seems like it’s permanently stuck on auto rewind, play someone else’s fabyoulous words instead…..such as inspirational songs or blogs or books or anyone else in your immediate circle [family and friends] whose words, beingness uplift ya……

In that second it takes you to listen to another – another’s words, you have in that second averted your attentions from the negative words/thoughts/emotions in your head, and that second may be all that’s needed to snowball the effect in your brain, into a cascasde of ONEderfull. ?Of course, if it doesn’t ya allways have the very next second to try again. 😀

Diligence sweet Angels, persistent, committed, dedicated, focused diligence. Step by step, ‘temptation by temptation’, just as with any bad habit and what seems like ‘suddenly’ you wake up one day and the bad habit IS gone….transcended into something new [authentic, original], ONEderFull and much, much, much HEALTHier and more enlivening to YOU and ALL those whom you touch – which in the ripples of life, as it turns out, IS everyONE. ;D

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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2 Replies to Breaking our Fear Consciousness Habit

  1. Jewel says:

    Thanks Roni for posting this! Very inspirational.
    When I read “Why does this [bad things] always happen to me?” I remembered a video of Eckhart Tolle about the question “Are thoughts the source of ego?”

  2. brain says:

    Thank YOU Jewel, for journeying the adventure to and through our blog, and for sharing in yOUR experience thereof.

    We are most deeply blissed and appreciative, as well as grrreatFull to YOU for sharing even further inspiration for ALL of the Earth Angels Divine visiting our humbled pages of LOVE’s Light.

    BLISSedly BE
    Radiating LOVE

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