Beliefs inspire Actions and Actions Create our Lives

Ask & YOU shall Receive, BElieve it!

What we BElieve we welcome…..

What we BElieve we think about, we reinforce with our feelings and empower our energetic signature* regarding.

What we BElieve IS reinforced into our consciousness by our continuous pondering there upon. The more we think about something, the greater attention we give to any one thing, the stronger our BElief therein DOes BEcome.

For example, the more that we hear that eating healthy IS vital to our well BEing, and the more supporting information we garner with respect thereto, the more we shall reinforce this BElief within our consciousness.

Thus, our thinking both establishes as well as reinforces our BEliefs which ultimately affects how we choose to BEhave and thus our very experience of life itSELF.

What DO YOU BElieve?

What thoughts and feelings are you supporting, reinforcing, allowing your mind’s eye’s attention?

I BElieve the Universe/source/all that is/LOVE IS supporting me in my authentic desires of LOVE’s Light.

I BElieve the Universe/LOVE IS co-creatively collaborating with me to provide ALL that I require and desire authentically to fulfill my Personal Legend into actualized physical BEingness for the BEnefit of ALL in comfort, ease and joyFullness.

I BElieve that following my bliss – listening to thoughts and feelings that inspire my bliss, taking actions from a paradigm based within my bliss attracts into my life more experiences that further expand upon and inspire ever greater bliss into my life and BEingness.

I BElieve………..

What DO YOU BElieve?
Which thoughts and feelings are you choosing to give weight to, to empower with your energetic signature?

Everything is Energy

**Energetic Signature = the vibration that radiates out of yOUR BEingness into the sea of ALL

Everything IS Energy……

Who we are, based upon the level of ‘currently’ unseen rhythms of energy radiating from our BEingness, from our heart beat to the beat by which our blood courses through our body to the rhythm of the electrical impulses that fire in our brain based upon the thoughts and feelings we are choosing to give our attention to, IS that which is called herein, our Energetic Signature, a culmination of every energetic impulse withIN our BEingness that IS radiated out into the sea of ALL by virtue of the fact of our BEing.

We EACH have our very own energetic signature which of course IS malleable – affected by the choices we make in our life, from our lifestyle to our BEliefs…….. and IS that which makes us the Uniquely fabYOUlous BEing of LOVE’s Light we are. 😀

**Make Conscious Choices regarding the thoughts and feelings you are ALLOWing to take center stage in your mind.***

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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