BEing LOVE ALLways BEgins with LOVing SELF


LOVing SELF means LOVing ALL of YOU.

Can we take a moment to give ourSELF some SELF LOVE?

Can YOU say YOU LOVE ALL of YOU, the good, bad, beaYOUtyfull and ugly?
Can you forgive those actions, thoughts, feelings you are not too happy with self for pARTicipating within and see beyond these to your inherent divinity?
Can you practice the art of compassion, understanding, empathy, and objectivity regarding self and your actions, thoughts and feelings?
Can you see/interpret your life, actions, thoughts, feelings, self from a detached perspective that is bathed in unconditional love?
Can you recognize that even the most horrible of mistakes you believe yourself to have made have within them a gift of divinity?

It was Byron Katie who said that “A blind drunk can teach more about? why not to drink than an abstinent man in all his piety.”

Indeed even the most ‘treacherous amongst us has provided gifts of deep wisdom available to any and all willing to receive.

Can you receive the gifts of your own ‘unpious’ acts?
Can you see how these experiences, thoughts and feelings may have served a ‘higher purpose’, a purpose bathed in love?

DOes this mean we should run out and deliberately do all we can to be treacherous for there is divinity therein?
Does this mean we should run out and find all those whom are ‘treacherous’ and invite them over for dinner?
No, no, no, no, no.

Indeed there is a fine line to which we speak herein, n’est ce pas…..just what does it mean to be loving when someone has just raped you or murdered your child?

It means to be compassionate and understanding NOT to lay your life down, sacrifice your own self love, self respect, or self dignity for another in the ‘name’ of love.

It means to recognize that we all have our own stories, we all see through our own eyes and though we may not agree or even understand fully how or why another could or would do the things they do, to hold on to rage – even for things we ourselves have done……is to intoxicate self with negativity, not the other.

Forgiving, understanding, and BEing LOVE, even for those actions we deem to be the most heinous, does NOT mean we condone or accept them, it means we are choosing to see from a detached, objective perspective of agape love, from a perspective that is more global if you will, more esoteric or ethereal. It IS choosing to recognize that we know not allways why something happens as it does, why someone does what they do, however, TRUSTing, KNOWing that ALL that DOes happen has a Divine Reason….again, even if it seems completely absurd to us, even if it seems completely alien and impossible, the reality IS everything IS connected, ALL IS energy and everything has a purpose, a ‘higher’ purpose that we do NOT necessarily see.  **Sometimes, that purpose is simply to give us the opportunity to take notice that something IS NOT LOVing and thus make the choice to no longer participate within it….to LOVE SELF enough to make the changes required so we are no longer subject to such experiences in the future.

Having said that, it IS also very important to note that when we do discover one with whom we are spending our time to be one who is indulging in behaviours that are NOT healthy, that are NOT LOVing, that we deem to be treacherous or heinous, we need NOT stick around to experience any more…..this IS LOVing SELF whilst loving another…..there is not need to get ugly about it….just graceFully exit the scene.

BEing LOVE ALLways BEgins with LOVing SELF.

Along the same vein, when we notice something about SELF we do not like, something about self that is not coming from love but from fear, it behooves us to DO all we can to assist ourselves to transcend this action, thought, feeling or state of being out of fear and into love, compassionately. [***For those who have thought or are thinking it now, NO, NO, NO, we can NOT DO this for another person, we can NOT ‘transcend another out of their fear into love’ only “I” can DO so for “me”, NO ONE can do for another but SELF, period. When self IS ready to heal, then heal self shall, but NOT BEcause of another, BEcause of a choosing of self.***] In other words, you may not like how you can get grumpy around 7pm in the evening. Getting upset with yourself about this is NOT going to assist you transcend this, and you can not exactly graceFully or otherwise, ‘exit the scene’ when the ‘scene’ is you.  Being compassionate and understanding with self on the other hand will definitely go a long way to providing the inspired motivation to assist, uplift, empower and enLIGHTen self to discovering and then incorporating new, healthier lifestyle choices and habits that will act to dissolve this negative habit.

Indeed it IS a fine line we walk, n’est ce pas. 😀

When we ALL can TRUEly LOVE SELF, such ACTions, thoughts and feelings requiring our forgiveness, shan’t an occurrence again be for indeed shall we then ALL BE the realized manifestation of “BEing LOVE” . 😀

Blissings of SELF LOVE to ONE and ALL.*
Radiating LOVE,

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