Authentic BEing attracting desires manifest


The Universe responds not to what you want….It respond to what you are BEing….

Are YOU BEing….what YOU want?” Living the Law of Attraction?


**Important to Note**

We are NOT ALLways in a state of BlissFull LOVE Consciousness [yet*].

Do NOT allow this to scare you into thinking that what you are attracting IS something horrible. (ie: ya wake up feeling lousy, tired, not motivated, etc…maybe a little cranky…..)

We ALL have ‘those days’……
What we DO with them makes ALL the difference.

1. LOVE IS far more POWERFull an energy signature than fear.

2. We CAN use our lower energetic signatures as HEALing signals and thus transcend them and ourselves into a higher frequency that IS LOVE.

3. We DO this by NOT putting so much weight into these ‘low energy’ days, by NOT getting down on ourselves for so BEing and instead accepting where we are at through LOVE.
In so DOing are we able to CHOOSE an interpretation that IS more LOVing….
[For example: we can get up feeling exhausted and interpret this as being in a grumpy mood or simply needing to provide ourself with some obviously much needed rest…….the interpretation we attribute changes EVERYTHING.]

4. However you are able to do it, even if it’s only a minuscule shift, choosing to redirect our focus from negative thoughts to positive ones, again, even if it’s only a slight shift in the positive direction DOes make a difference. 😀 Having said that, when overwhelmed by negative thoughts, shifting away from them can BE as disconnected as shifting from worries, stresses and strains regarding finances, to thoughts about the weather. Whatever thoughts, however inconsequential they may BE, if they are more positive than the thoughts currently accosting your mind are extremely BEneficial to both your mind and your entire life. 😀

Blissings sent forth to ONE and ALL for comfort, ease and joy in CHOOSing and Actualizing manifest our BEingness of LOVE ALLways in our eternal NOW.

Blissedly BE
Radiating LOVE,

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