Ascended Mastery


By sheer fact that we are, are we radiating Light through density, and thus elevating density into Light.

The question IS… much light are YOU streaming??

Yesterday on my way out to take our dog Shaman for a walk, wearing my ankle weights, ‘cuz I LOVE to multi-task where possible, I performed a little ‘rebirthing, regenerating, rejuventaing, healing ceremony’ at the start of our promenade.

After the ceremony I was feeling LIGHTened, and walking as such. I realized after looking down to kick the ball to Shaman that I had forgotten I was wearing my ankle weights.

At that moment I realized that my ‘LIGHTened Mind set’ overrode the weight around my ankles, [10 pounds each ankle] I did NOT feel ‘weighed down’ by them.

It then dawned on me…..the heaviness of the weights, the LIGHTness of my state of BEing….WE are Light BEings in seemingly dense bodies and as a result thereof, are we in a unique position of transfusing these seemingly dense manifestations of our BEingness with as much or as little Light as we so CHOOSE. We are the conduits of Light, the transformers of Density, the Alchemists of dimensions, forms, and physicality.

The heaviness of my weights can BE attributed to the heaviness of the physical body and transcending that heaviness with my mind’s state of BEingness the CHOICE that we have to enLIVEn our lives with the LOVE’s Light of our quintessence…..ascended mastery*

Radiating LOVE,

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