Am I BEing LOVE?

Fractal LOVE...Infinite Are WE!

A daily question/mantra:
“Are YOU BEing LOVE?”

I ask this of mySELF first and foremost with respect to the ACTions I AM taking in relation to mySELF as we tend to BE a little more conscious when interACTing with others than with SELF……and of course the ‘further away’ those others are from our intimate circle, the more aware and polite, respectFull and graceFull we tend to BE. Funny how that IS, huh?

I especially ask this question when I AM consciously healing a “bad habit” and initiating a new healthier habit in its place…..– which in fact we are all doing on the “grander scale” regarding our fear consciousness habit transcending/healing into our love consciousness habit. ;D

Anytime the ‘temptation’ to pARTicipate in the old habit [for example, biting nails] I am transcending into a healthier one surfaces, I ask mySELF as I AM contemplating my next ACtions,

“Are YOU BEing LOVE?”,
“What IS the LOVing thing to DO in this NOW?”

Taking a moment to reflect BEfore ACTing provides us the space to make our decision to LOVE SELF that much easier and thus our objective that much more attainable. 😀

Take a moment today to ask yourself, “Are YOU BEing LOVE?”

Radiating LOVE,

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