Achieving the purrrfect Balance [Part 3]


The following IS an excerpt from my book, “Radiate Soul Light”©™, blissing for yOUR enJOYment. 😀

That’s right my friend, you can find the balance between the material, as a member of our current societal foundation/system, and the spiritual, our actualized, true nature of being.

You see, in both cases in my life, after having experienced the putrid contamination of the corporate [not all corporate is putrid or contaminating***] world upon my flesh, I completely turned off and tuned out to any aspects of capitalism. Sure, I was ‘working like a dog’, as the saying goes, every day, weekends too, only this time, it was my savings account providing the pay cheque.

Of course, now there was more balance within my personal life, now I was calling the shots and the first rule on the list is:
nothing and no-one shall ever come before my son.

The second rule; no material aspect of our world shall come before my family or friends.
It is not the material that makes our life what it is, it’s the people with whom we surround ourselves, including, the person you spend the most time with, yourself.
As a matter of fact, the one person with whom you must adorn the most love and respect, is yourself.
You must ensure that you are doing all that is necessary to make yourself happy and fulfill your Personal Legend, be the person you have always dreamed yourself to be.

It took me a while to be able to publicly admit, let alone personally, who I am. I had repressed her so deeply within, I couldn’t recognize who she was anymore. Everyone around me knew she was lost to them, my Universe, it had been almost a decade of digging, it’s no wonder the journey back was as long, painful and revolutionary as it was.

But back I came, better, stronger, wiser, than ever before.
First, I had to remember who I had been, then and only then, was I able to distinguish that within me which was truly me, as opposed to some distorted or created aspect of myself. I had spent nearly a decade in a very precarious relationship, one that truly raped me of who I was, one within which I truly lost sight of what made me, me. I was therefore unable to own those aspects of myself I loved most, {we have been conditioned/trained/taught/socialized to find it easier to own the negative}, for I was unsure as to whether they were truly my own or a fabrication of a life I had once lived. A life that had slowly and methodically created a stranger out of the girl in the mirror.

I know now, after all that I have been through, after all the ‘sacrifice’ [opportunities for self growth and self love] that I willingly put myself through, ~~yes people, if you are suffering, you are suffering because YOU CHOOSE to so do~~, that I in fact AM all those aspects of myself I love most- as are YOU* 😉. And what’s more, deserving of “having it all”, and truly, that’s all it takes.

Up until recently, I simply did not feel deserving of the monetary, I had associated it with such negative connotations, I held such fear of losing my identity to yet another raper of flesh, I simply hid away to protect myself. It’s not uncommon, in fact, it’s likely the most common ailment we as a collective, share.
We hide from, instead of facing our fears.
We allow our fears reign over our lives and thus create the exact things we are hiding from. Sad, but true, if you do not face your fears head on, with loving embracing arms, you will perish within the illusion of your created pseudo sanctuary.

Sanctuary is not hiding away from or taking the ‘safe route’, sanctuary is standing tall, running the race and loving yourself for all aspects of who you are. Sanctuary is driving along side your self, showering yourself with as much water as you require, all the way to the finish line!!!

I know now, I am deserving, deserving of the monetary gains from the fruits of my most worthy, humanitarian service. I feel deserving, of these physical riches available in life now because I took the time to heal myself spiritually, without the distracting cushion of these illusory safety nets, and thus learned the true meaning of happiness.
It is not to be found in a decorated piece of green, or as I am Canadian, multi-coloured pieces of paper, it is found within. It is recognizing how wealthy you, the person, the member of our awesome Universe are. This of course is so much easier to accomplish without the temptations of material possessions beckoning ownership over your identity.
You are not what you have, but who you are, regardless of what is around you.
You are who you are, regardless of the situation, the people, or the time of day.
You are that which exists within the confines of your vessel, not a sky rise office or downtown street corner.
You are that which is the most cherished of truths, held within the blessing of a physical vessel, your Soul, LOVE Consciousness.

As such, a soul, an energy resource contributing to this Universe, a wholly divine essence of our reality, you are ENTITLED to enjoy its every luxuries, this is our gift, every single one of us, every single one!

The only thing holding us back is ourselves, because we listen to the words of fear, BEcome brainwashed by those who have “it”, who are themselves operating by the fear of losing ‘it’, as though there were not enough to go around for all of us. Pa-sha!

And for those who do not have ‘it’, we listen as they blame those who ‘do’ for their predicament, when in reality, it is a predicament of their own making, an affect of not believing in one self.

Don’t believe in the stereotypes, family legends, or urban tales, believe in YOU!

Know who you are, be honest, be positive, know what you can do, and how far that can lead you. Forget about your difficulties, whether they be in skill, money, or location, and see your potential.
See your potential so clearly, that you make it your reality.
Do all you must, if it means calling 100 people, call them, if it means knocking on 1000 doors, knock, just do it!!
Do what you must so long as no pain is brought unto yourself or those sharing this Universe with you. Those in fact, who are also vital contributing members to our collective reality.

I know I am ready now, to be me, true to my Soul, our humanity and this Universe, fulfilling my Personal Legend, and relishing in the rewards for so doing. I know this, for I know that nothing can take me away again, but myself, and I shan’t ever allow that permission. Yes, I may falter, I may lose direction, face confusion and the unknown, but I shall do so with love and trust in the Universe and my self and I shall learn, grow and persevere.
I shall know divine happiness.
I shall live a loving, peaceful, serene, soulful existence.
I know now that I am, and have always been deserving, and feel worthy now, more so than ever before. I know the rewards I shall garner shall be appropriately directed towards our ultimate collective ‘Personal’ Legend:

the regeneration and recreation of our blessed earth school through the transcended ascension of our consciousness out of fear based thinking into love based BEing.

May the image you gaze upon whence your eyes look within the mirror, be the image of the you, you know you are, gazing back, with the loving, accepting, peaceful serenity of Soul/LOVE Consciousness realized.

YOU can read Part 1 and Part 2 of “Achieving the Purrrfect Balance” by clicking them here. 😀

Blissedly Be.
Radiating LOVE

“Radiate Soul Light”©™ was writ in 2000.  

Roni is currently seeking a publisher.
A Literary Publishing Package IS available for those interested in publishing “Radiate Soul Light”©™.  P lease send an email through the “Get in Touch” link in the upper most top panel of this site.

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