Who IS “YOU” and “I AM”?


A humbled Question unto ALL……Who are YOU?

Another humbled question……
Who IS “I AM”?

I ask these humbled questions to elucidate Pondering……

If YOU notice when asking “Who are YOU”, the term “YOU” we ALL use to address ONE another. WE, for the most part, use the term “I AM” to respond.…..again, a term we ALL use to address “SELF”.

“YOU” and “I AM” are terms we ALL use….the EXACT SAME ONEs, these labels, identifying codes that refer to EACH and EVERY ONE of the 6.8 BILLION of WE.

Kinda thing that makes ya go, “hmmmmmmmmm???”, n’est ce pas?

An interesting fact to note, considering that which follows the “I AM” or “YOU” is sooooooo different depending upon who IS using it….[ie: I AM LOVE vs I AM eating a veggie dog]…and yet………sooooooooo the same.


Sooooooo who IS “YOU”? Who is “I AM” if “YOU” and “I AM” IS Every ONE?
I shall repeat that one….

“YOU” and “I AM” IS EveryONE…..


NOW…….what happens when we identify these terms, “YOU” & “I AM” with everyONE? with ALL? with Energy, Source, LOVE, God, The Universe?

NOW…..what happens when YOU identify “YOU” with “I AM”, as defined by this definition?
How DO YOU answer the question, “WHO are YOU?”
How DO YOU attribute that which IS that which YOU ARE, when who YOU ARE, the “I AM” that IS YOU, IS ONE and the same with ALL that IS?


I look forward to reading yOUR responses. 😀

Radiating LOVE,


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