What IS “Reality”?


What IS “reality”?

In a world with close to 7 BILLION individuals, not to mention ALL the other sentient species on our planet, each with their very own unique way of interpreting their experience of BEingness, of that which we call “Reality” who IS to say what “Reality” actually IS?

What DO YOU say “Reality” IS?

If yOUR mind, body, and spirit are in agreement about a certain subject/situation and someONE else’s mind, body, and spirit are in agreement regarding the SAME subject/situation BUT…..the two of YOU have different “agreements” in relation thereto…….which ONE IS “Reality”?

For example, if I am looking at a scenic view and think it IS absolutely breathtaking and my friend looking at the same view thinks it IS absolutely repulsive, which ONE IS true? Which of us IS “living in reality”? Are either of we? Are both of we?

Question for ya…..regarding CHOOSing our own healthy BEliefs, in that we are the ones making the choice, these BEleifs would BE ours and nobody else’s:

DO YOU BElieve – even IF we are consciously aware of our thoughts, feelings, and BEliefs, even if we consciously CHOOSE what it IS we BElieve in, how we shall ALLOW SELF to interpret the world, our experience therein, that our CHOICEs, thoughts, feelings, and BEliefs can ever TRUEly BE ours and ours alone??

Would LOVE to hear yOUR thoughts and of course, ALL those who are so inspired to share, please DO. _(l)_ 😀

Funny how that ‘works’ or as I prefer to say, CREATEs, ISn’t it??

We are individual expressions and yet completely interconnected and NOT just with our SELF and [as there IS not 100% proof….for those that BElieve] our previous SELVes, but with ONE another as well as ALL else that IS, ever was, or will BE.

As much as we declare our independence, as BEings of Energy, Light, resonating frequencies there really IS no escaping the affects/effects of ONE another in our lives…..even those that live in isolation are STILL receiving and emitting resonating frequencies into the ALL that IS.

Thus it IS, in my own personal recognition that in TRUTH, NO THOUGHTS are our own, however, we still DO have CHOICE…..the CHOICE to claim ownership over WHICH of the infinite number of thoughts that may come streaming through our conscious awareness we wish to focus upon, give our attention to, and ACT from. This CHOICE IS, for me, the pinnacle of the “HOW” we CREATE our “Reality”. 😀

Given this line of thinking……and the fact that for the most part, ALL of WE prefer to BE Happy, it only makes sense in my humble opinion, that we DO ALL we can to CHOOSE those thoughts, feelings, situations, responses, and ACTions that are based within that which brings us HAPPYness. 😀

N’est ce pas…..

Thank YOU ALL soooooooo much for sharing yOUR understanding and experiences, and for yOUR energy to so DO. _(l)_

BLISSings to ALL of WE to find withIN the requirements, the smooth ease to make the CHOICEs that DO manifest for us, our HIGHest HAPPYness in our eternal NOW. 😀

Radiating LOVE,

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2 Replies to What IS “Reality”?

  1. Oscar Truitt says:

    There is a certain line or place in this discussion where an agreement may be necessary: that is, regarding whether or not we see ourselves as created beings or as self generated entities. If we claim the former, then the next question is about whether or not we accept that there is a single Creator. The questions you raise are dependent upon that because, as you point out, there are many perspectives, many points of view on the subject.
    “If”, for the sake of carrying the discussion further, we choose or are compelled to believe in God (and that we are created by God), then the reality is that our existence, in relationship to the big “G” is that we are the ones who can say that we are here to Be in G; interesting how that word being can be taken apart that way, isn’t it?
    Well then, as creatures, it is we who have being. God does not. God transcends being because, as Creator, God has brought being into existence. So then, if we wish to talk about reality, we are compelled to look at that word from two perspectives; there is temporal reality, that within which passable creation exists, and eternal reality (actually truth is a better word, for, in God there is no question of real or unreal — as the bible says “I am that I am”) and, as I’ve pointed out, in God there is no reality, there only is,,, well to put it in a way we can experience — Uncreated Light. “

  2. brain says:

    Oscar, thank YOU sooooo much for sharing yOUR light, yOUR perception, yOUR LOVE with ALL of WE here.
    We are TRUEly grrreatFull of yOUR energy in so DOing. 😀 _(l)_

    It IS indeed an interesting perspective YOU bring forward, this notion of whether or not we see our existance as BEing that of a single creator…..in that we are ALL in fact, part of the ONE WHOLE….both scientifically proven and metaphysically KNOWn, I would surmise that perhaps the question IS whether or NOT we are consciously aware of the “single creator” to whom we are ALL ONE….like the cells in our bodies, we have 100 trillion of them, I ONEder if they are ALL aware that they are ONE VERY Important, Very Significant part of the WHOLE that I call “me”. I ONEder if they realize how much they play a role in their simply CHOOSing to BE who they are, how they are, where they are, what they are withIN me in every NOW, ALLways.

    It IS indeed something we are transcending from, the duality of BEing and infinitely coming into BEing or having the potential the experience of Uncreated Light as YOU so BEaYOUtyFully writ.

    We are in fact ALLways DOing “both” which IS NOT “both” per se “the duality” but the infinitum that IS the majesty of creation itSELF……..
    We are ALLways coming into and out of existance, creating our selves, “BEing” as it were in a reality that simply IS wherever it IS we are in any given NOW, which again IS ONE that IS infinitely malleable, changing, therefore as the “god” to whom YOU speak hereIN are we ONE in the same. 😀 _(l)_ ?


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