Practice makes Purrfect

Practice Makes Purrrfect

Okay soooooo we ALL have our days……feel’n down, hav’n thoughts that are less than Happy….?and that’s okay……?but ya KNOW what’s even MORE okay….??CHOOSing to realign yOUR Mind with thoughts that are HIGHer, Better, Brighter, HAPPYer…..


It CAN BE difficult….BUT
IF we keep at it….
keep DO’n,
keep redirecting,
keep realigning,
guess what…..
it DOes get easier!!!
and BEfore ya KNOW it……
YOU are realigning with the Positive even on yar worst of worst days 😉

“Practice makes Perfect”
and who IS more worthy of yOUR concentrated, dedicated, committed, effort, than YOU?!?!?!
Go on, give it a try……just a few minutes a day CAN make ALL the difference in the world!

When ya hear those negative thoughts, CHANGE them….just try it….change the negative to a positive. USE the negative thought as a catalyst, as a GIFT in yOUR “Realigning Training”. When the negative thought comes, see it as YOU would a birthday gift, a birthday gift that IS a treasure Map to a ONEderFull treasure chest of bursting fabYOulousness. YOU start off getting shipwrecked….the negative idea, which, when YOU follow the steps to its opposite, leads ya straight to the treasure chest of positive ideas and feeling like a billion bucks! In other words, when a negative thought arises, walk it into its positive opposite and align yOUR Mind with that potential reality in yOUR Mind ? If necessary, when the treasure map IS just too muddied up, change yOUR focus altogether and think about something completely different, and if it persists, YOU PERSIST!!!
That’s right……
Try again.

Our Minds are very POWERFull once programmed [and hahney we’ve ALL BEen programmed with negative conditioning for a millennia!!!]….sooooooooo YOU BE MORE POWERFull with the Programming that YOU WANT, that IS helpFull to YOU and keep on keep’n on!!!

We’ve got a plethora of resources at our disposal….USE THEM!
If ya need to…….get up and get out of yOUR current surroundings, even for a minute….it DOes Help!!!
Play some upbeat music, open the blinds, let in some light, dance a little two step, call a friend, watch an enLIGHTening video, close yOUR eyes and imagine yOUR SELF exactly where YOU want to BE….that’s right, IMAGINE!!!

DO whatever it takes, when ever it IS necessary, as often as needed!!
BEing LOVE, LOVing SELF, well, ya simply can’t overdo it or get enough 😉

Go on……….


Blissedly BE
the TRUTH of WE
Energy Radiating LOVE
Earth Angels Divine

In Lak’ech Ala K’in

Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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