Out of Depression into Dreams Manifesting


Soooo, I awoke today feeling heavy, what I refer to as ‘depressed levels of HAPPYness’…it happens.  I spent some energy realigning my Mind’s focus on positive things BEfore getting out of bed, but still….my mind took me on a voyage questioning, “WHY NOT?” which only led to even more negatively skewed thinking…until….I CHOSE to surrender.

I CHOSE to surrender to Life


instead of feeling the need to DO, DO, DO, and KNOW, KNOW, KNOW ALL the answers, ‘the way’, the where, the how, the what….

I CHOSE to simply BE and Openly Receive the ONEderFull Gifts the Universe will surely BLISS ME.

I CHOSE to Openly Receive and Respond to Life, to let Life take the lead………to “go with the flow” of that which presents itSELF to ME.

I CHOSE to simply BE.

****I CHOSE to let go, surrender to life, to simply BE with the thought that:

“hey Roni, YOU HAVE DOne….. xyz, abc, 123, and la ti da dee.  [Allowing myself to actually look at the things in my life I have accomplished, done, fulfilled, provided, received, experienced that are ONEderFull…..according to me. 😀 ]
YOU HAVE sent out yOUR Positive, LOVE filled energy,

YOU ARE CHOOSing to BE the YOU, YOU LOVE yOUR SELF to BE – though at times, I DO admit…..faltering along the way – listening more attentively to the voices of illusory FEAR, and even ACTing there upon…..STILL, for the most part…..

I AM-walking consciously aware, paying attention, making conscious CHOICEs to align my Mind in the Light of LOVE.

In this, my chosen pathway in life, dedicated to BEing in service for the BEnefit of ALL, a Personal Legend that IS of LOVE’s Light.

Thus, that which I AM sending forth out into the ALL that IS, into the Energetic Frequency Pool that IS ALL that IS, IS of LOVE and thus as I KNOW the laws of Energy,

I KNOW LOVE IS what I AM attracting back to ME.”

And sooooooooo I AM ABLE to TRUST in SELF, I AM ABLE to TRUST in the Universe, in Life to bring forth to ME that which IS of my HIGHest HAPPYness, that which serves my Greatest Good, my “HIGHer SELF/Soul/Authentic Self/Quintessence” and therefore the Greatest Good of ALL, and thus am I AM able to Let Go and Surrender, to ALLOW mySELF to take a back seat to Life……

and of course………


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