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We tend to not trust in energetic evidence – our intuition, feelings, inner KNOWing, even when physical manifestations thereof occurs BEcause we are tied to the physical so exclusively, we lose sight of the fact that for anything to BE starts with ENERGY.

Furthermore, we don’t even want to give our attentions to the esoteric energetic level of BEingness for FEAR that so DOing shall diminish our impact upon the manifest physical, when in fact, the physical COMES from the subtle.

In other words, we are sooooo busy DO, DO, DOing that we are afraid if we take a moment to sit down, relax and ALLOW SELF to meditate, ponder, send forth intentional energy, we are taking away from the results of our DOing and thus our physically manifest experience.

In ALLOWing SELF to let go of our need for density- in paying attention to the subtler esoteric energy, we are GIFTed the ability to Consciously, Intentionally CREATE in the dense physical :)

The “duality” that we need recognize, which IS really not duality at all, is the irrevocable connection between physical and esoteric as the ONE they are! More over that this unity BEgins withIN the formless NOT the formed. The formless IS the foundation, the building blocks, the quintessential essence of ALL that IS.

When we recognize that energy in formless substance IS the SAME as formed, when we honour & revere the subtle, WE experience the physical we desire.

This we DO, by paying attention to and BEing Aware of our thoughts and feelings and CHOOSing to direct our conscious attentions upon thoughts and feelings that are uplifting, assisting, empowering and enLIGHTening. It IS CHOOSing to BE withIN yOUR own BEingness, operating upon the levels of the subtle, consciously – which IS DOne through yOUR thoughts and feelings ?

Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE


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