LOVing SELF IS an WHOLEistic ACT [Video]



Just finished watching this documentary “The Perfect Vagina” and I gotta say……..

I DO BElieve that the majority of we, Women and Men alike can BEnefit Grrrreatly from watching this documentary.

Amazing and yet so TRUE; we teach our children at home and in school about “Sex Education”, telling them what ALL our body parts are, what they are used for, etc….but we never bother to inform them, and thus ONE another of what IS considered “normal” LOOKing body parts, most especially when those body parts are our genitalia. More over, it IS not as if, as adults, we suddenly gather around together over wine and cheese and engage in conversations about, let alone play “show & tell” with our friends, n’est ce pas? We DO NOT, out of some Divine reckoning come into an enLIGHTened state of education there upon. Soooo how then, are any of we expected to KNOW what IS considered to BE a “normal” looking genitalia????

Kudos to Lisa Rogers for BEing brave enough to journey the adventure down a pathway far to few of us dare to travel and yet everyONE of us lives with our entire lives…….

LOVing SELF IS an WHOLEistic ACT <3

Here IS to ALL of WE, LOVing ALL of our SELVes, ALLways. 😀

Radiating LOVE

***Please Note*** this film DOes contain some very graphic visuals YOU may want to censor any young children from viewing…..which can BE as easy to accomplish as simply covering their eyes [& potentially yOUR own] during said scenes of the documentary.

Also….there are some ‘blank breaks’ in the film, I DO BElieve were the commercial breaks when initially broadcast. I simply fast forwarded slightly – like 1-2 minutes and voila, it was back 😀


The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo.

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