Losing a LOVEd ONE

Life & Death

Losing a loved one can BE a very painFull experience, especially when we consume our SELVes with ALL of the “What If’s” & “Why’s”that our Minds have BEen conditioned to so DO, instead of celebrating the Infinite Gifts that we DID enJOY and the life that was gifted withIN our experience of BEingness.

We have BEen taught that it IS necessary, in order to SHOW that we CARE, that we must MOURN in sadness and pain, the transcendence of ONE whom we LOVE, ONE who has transcended from our physical to our esoteric state of BEingness.

In truth, we KNOW NOT where we come from BEfore we are born or where we go to once we leave our physical vessels. We KNOW NOT whether what we consider to BE birth and death IS TRUEly how we would so consider birth and death to BE, when withIN our quintessential Light form.

In other words, who IS to say that BEfore we are born, the thought of so BEing is regarded as death and death [as we call/know it to BE] therefore, regarded as birth.

Honour yOUR LOVEd Ones by Celebrating the Gift of their experience in yOUR life, BOTH during and after their physically manifest BEingness 😉

This IS NOT to say that there IS anything wrong in missing someone, and wanting of their physical presence, however…..to indulge in such thoughts at the expense of celebrating their life, especially for a prolonged period IS:

1. to indulge in depressive thoughts that serve no other purpose other than to punish SELF and ALL others whom are alive, of the experience of TWO lives instead of one……as YOU will BE taking yOUR SELF away both from SELF – experiencing Life, and ALL those whose life experience includes YOU.

2. to eradicate ALL that the person WAS in yOUR Life and their very Life itSELF.
To BEcome consumed with what YOU shall miss by not having the presence of one whom has transcended, IS to NOT honour that which their presence has BEen, that which they have GIFTed in yOUR life, and thus the person they GIFTed ALL of WE when CHOOSing to BE.

It IS a sensitive subject matter, no doubt, and each of we should HONOUR SELF the energy to traverse through the feelings of loss that inevitably DO come forward, however, NOT to BEcome consumed by nor to forget the AWEsome Gift of their very BEingness in the first place.

It IS in celebrating those whom have transcended, that we truly honour their life and the touch of their experience upon our own.

Radiating LOVE
dancing upon the harmonies of our light filled energy of LOVE

***Dedicated to my “Bubby Gertie” who taught me to Celebrate Life even in Death 😀 <3

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