Go with the Flow as YOU follow yOUR Bliss


We often hear the catch phrases: “go with the flow” or “follow yOUR bliss” as words of LOVE’s wisdom for how we should ALL BE living our lives, the life of our dreams, so that we may openly receive our HIGHest HAPPYness manifest. Yet, this IS so very difficult for most of WE, so well ingrained to BElieve that we MUST worry, stress, chase & strain instead of receive.

The catch phrases, those words of LOVE’s wisdom ARE TRUE.

To discover for SELF BEgin with BABY STEPS.

We BEgin with Baby Steps BEcause we are dealing with a pre-conditioned mind set that IS warped by fears habitualized over many a millennia. When letting go of our fears, which are ALL “rational, logical, left brain thinking, we need to ALLOW for our Mind to “wrap itSELF” around the idea, these words of LOVE’s Wisdom reveal, this novel yet, ANCIENT KNOWing and state of BEing LOVE. Thus DO WE ‘take it slow’ and give our mind the ability to rationally and logically see that CHOOSing LOVE IS the ALL time BESTEST remedy for ALL that IS, ever was, or will BE in our lives and well,…EVERYTHING. 😉

This also means that when something seemingly ‘bad’ occurs, we Consciously CHOOSE to LOOK for the good in the situation, we consciously choose to look for the LOVE.  Sometimes what appears to not be manifesting “properly” according to your interpretation thereof, is in fact another avenue that is awaiting your recognition.  We can not stew in things “NOT”, remaining open therefore to see what actually IS.

TRY it out, START for ONE DAY, or just for one hour, to simply “Make Pretend” that

When the house does NOT burn down, when the world does NOT stop, when yOUR life DOes not fall apart, try for another hour or another day and just keep going like this, step by step, breath by breath, into the reality of our blissed miraculous frequency, our harmonized melody with the ALL that IS….which IS of course my Sweet Earth Angels Divine, as YOU very well KNOW, LOVE. 😉


Just imagine if YOU will, this AWEsomeness…..
ALL of WE living life as intended to BE by our inherent reality….as the oscillating LIGHTs of LOVE WE ARE, following our bliss and going with the flow, just riding the wave as we go. 😉

Just writ’n this I’m gett’n ALL tingly inside!!!

Radiating LOVE,

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