Exercis’n the Mind


AffOrmation Statement of SELF LOVE:

Why IS it that in BEing me, I AM continuously welcoming exponentially increasing fabYOUlousness, ONEderFullness, deLIGHTFull BLISSings into my life, my every experience of BEingness?


Affirmation Statement of SELF LOVE:

I LOVE my life!

**Blissings of LOVE’s Light,

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Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Roni.   Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni »» Get in Touch TODAY «« Follow us on Twitter: @radiate | @ArtWave | @BeingLoveTV

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