Evolving, the Ascended Human


Imagine.…..ALL negative thoughts and feelings, as they arise withIN BEing acKNOWledged and simply……let go.
Nice right.  I mean if we hafta have a negative thought or feeling at all that IS. ;D

Imagine…giving NO weight to any negative thoughts and feelings that may arise, no breath to their expression.

Imagine…..BEing our TRUTH in every NOW, responding by, through, of, withIN LOVE.
Imagine.* 😀

The importance, meaning, interpretations we give to ANY thougts and/or feelings are the importance, meaning, interpretations WE GIVE……..they are of our CHOOSing.

Yup……even the ones that seem to happen in a split second….still…..of our CHOOSing.
Soooooo HOW DO we actually CHOOSE to let them go…….we Pay Attention, BE Aware, and dedicate our SELF to so DOing. 😀

The cliche “Practise makes Purrrfect”…not such a cliche.

Who amongst we would NOT wanna BE feeling HAPPY, content, BLISSFull, serene, etc……ALLways???


Each of we has it withIN us………

with Practise…….WE WILL materialize. 😀 As with everything else in life. 😀

It IS the very nature of the evolvement of our species that we are currently transcending. We are healing from a fear based sentient species to a love based one. We are BEginning to make choices in perception, interpretation, meaning and definition that are of a more LIGHT based foundation, a foundation for experiencing life that IS based withIN LOVE.

We are learning to TRUST in the infinite possibilities that exist and to put our “marbles” into the LOVE based possibilities instead of the fear based ones we have BEcome so adept at so DOing for so very long.

It IS a process of unlearning and relearning, of acKNOWledging the misinformation so we may correct it. A process of learning to make new choices, to make new assumptions, to program our habitalized state of BEing to BE ONE that perceives, receives and responds from a foundation of LOVE.

I didn’t say it was easy, though it IS as easy as we CHOOSE to make it, [YOU can for example CHOOSE to journey with me personally to assist YOU through this transcending evolution- contact link above] I did however definitely say that we ARE DOing it, we are transcending, we are learning [and unlearning where and what necessary].

We are BEcoming the gods and goddesses, the Earth Angels Divine we are in Consciously Manifest physical experience.*

BLISSedly BE each of we the physical manifestation of our Divinity.***

Radiating LOVE,

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