Ego, Love, Light, Energy, BEing Authentically YOU

LOVE's Light FLOWing

To make the BEST CHOICEs for SELF IS to so DO from our objective, detached, aware SELF of Agape LOVE ~ the I in YOU, YOU LOVE yOUR SELF to BE, the I in YOU that IS, infinitely. 😀

Our “EGO” IS intended to BE an OPEN conduit of physical manifestation for our TRUE SELF~~for our unconditioned, unaffected SELF of LOVE, NOT that which it has BEcome KNOWn as; a conduit and storage house of fear.

When we ALLOW “ego” to BE the Blissed Gift of Miraculous Magical LOVE it IS, our conduit for the physical manifestation of LOVE, ALL will KNOW the ecstasy life TRUEly IS.

BLISSings sent forth unto ALL of WE, that we may release SELF of our energy blockages from conditioned, habitual and shocked fears, and make way for our “Ego’s” to DO what they are intended to DO…..BE the conduit of esoteric LOVE’s Light made Conscious in the physical realm.

Radiating LOVE

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