[Video] Don Tolman Interview…Eating to Live*


Ok, just watched the WHOLE thing…….


LOVE how well he IS able to clearly concisely and logically articulate life as intended to BE for ALL of WE living naturally in honoured, humbled, awe inspired respect of our physical vessels and the micro cosmic fractal of the macro cosmos of the even greater WHOLE to which we are ALL ONE.

Time to STOP BUYING GMO’s and START BUYING WHOLE, LOCALLY GROWN, NATURAL, Unprocessed, UNrefined ALIVE foods that TRUEly feed our bodies with the energy we require to live the HEALTHY Homeostais INFINITE lives we ALL Deserve…we are ALL ABLE to so DO.

I HIGHly RECOMMEND watching the ENTIRE 8 parts of this interview to ALL.

Here’s to ALL of WE living off the Gifts Mother Nature has BEen providing to us from time immemorial in the utmost optimal states of homeostasis.


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