Developing our Intuitive KNOWing

Subtle Energy

When confusion sets in, DO NOTHING…..stop analyzing and trying to figure it out……go about with yOUR daily life, and ALLOW Life to Lead YOU.

There IS NO NEED to KNOW…….ALL WILL reveal itSELF to YOU.

DO what YOU DO.
BE who YOU are, a LIGHT of LOVE, and ALL else will naturally fall into its rightFull place 😉


Obviously there are things, in our NOW for which there IS a “need to know”, like how to drive a car BEfore ya go on a road trip for one……how an oven works BEfore ya cook up a 7 course meal.
This IS NOT that to which I speak herein 😉

That to which I speak herein IS in reference to KNOWing the “next step” to take, KNOWing “what tomorrow will bring”, KNOWing the “right decision” to make, which of course IS never about the NOW of our experience, but the next NOW, the potential possibilities for our future.

Sometimes, we DO NOT KNOW….there are too many past experience memories and the feelings & thoughts associated there with, that cloud where we are in the NOW of our experience.

These past experience memories we tend to give the greater focus of our attentions to, instead of the subtler energy of our intuitive KNOWing, we ALL have in any experience we find our SELF withIN.

We DO this BEcause the KNOWing, our intuition IS instantaneous in the NOW of any experience we HAVE, whilst our past experiences, and the feelings and thoughts associated there with {which we have NOT healed, let go of….} have BEen around for a while, ‘hard wired’ [yet not irrevocably] into our brain synapses, captivating our attentions over and over again as stimulated by similar such events, thus enabling us to lose sight of that which IS in our current NOW.

Hence, when ya aren’t sure……DO NOTHING……until YOU can either,

A. heal/let go of the past,

B. align with the NOW unto itSELF irrelevant of any past or potential future experiences. Align with yOUR TRUTH – come from a perspective of ultimate LOVE….seeing that which IS TRUEly in yOUR BEnefit, that which will TRUEly make YOU Happy.
A question suggested by another was to ask, “How DOes this serve ME?”

C. just go with the flow and see what comes to YOU and respond through the Light of LOVE which IS in TRUTH, what WE should ALL BE DOing ALL the time 😀 <3

Again, when confusion sets in, it IS a Great Opportunity to Realign SELF by ReMinding SELF of the Light of LOVE WE ARE ~ONE with ALL that IS, Energy that IS vibrating continuously. Step into yOUR TRUTH and BE it….which means TRUSTING in yOUR Subtler, Energetic Vibration to bring YOU where YOU need to BE, fulfilling yOUR HIGHest HAPPYness, which IS by the way, a Guranatee, when yar CHOOSing to BE LOVE!

It’s a “Catch 22″ of ONEderFullness!!!

Radiating LOVE

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