The CHOICEs we make

Infinite Possibilities, Infinite CHOICE

What have YOU CHOSEn to surround yOUR SELF with?
Whom are the PEOPLE YOU are sharing yOUR experience of Life with?
What are their interests, attitudes, thoughts, characteristics?
What are the things YOU surround yOUR SELF with?
What kind of Places DO YOU surround yOUR SELF with?
What kind of INFLUENCE DO ALL of these have on YOU?


There’s much we oft’ times haven’t CHOICE regarding…… there IS much we oft’ times HAVE CHOICE regarding.
USE the POWER of CHOICE YOU HAVE to CHOOSE to surround & imbue yOUR SELF with POSITIVELY Affecting stimuli…whether in the form of people, places, or things.

When YOU:
~listen to music, watch t.v., movies, go out to eat in a restaurant, go to a shopping mall, a special event, a night club, the beach, on vacation, on a trip, for a drive, a walk, an outing to the park………
~buy yOUR SELF clothing, jewelry, food, nik naks, gifts, furniture, toiletries…….
~partake in daily ACTivities, work, play, relaxation, exercise, wellness, health, and of course, the people YOU CHOOSE to have in yOUR life, how, when, where, & why they are……

……ALLways CHOOSE the HIGHest of the HIGHest of the HIGHest for YOU, BEcause YOU DESERVE & ARE WORTHY of ONLY the BEST of the BEST of the BEST………that which fills YOU in HAPPYness, that which propels YOU forward in LOVE’s Light for SELF & thus ALL.

BLISSedly BE Sweet Earth Angels
~~Today YOU WILL make CHANGES that WILL BE in yOUR BEnefit and thus BEnefit ALL of WE.~~


P.S. Remember…….it’s NEVER too late……….in EVERY NOW, we ARE emPOWERed the CHOICE to make NEW CHOICEs, to make different CHOICEs, to CHANGE our direction….

….like the ‘flip of a mind switch’…….one day yar walk’n in this direction and the next……..yar check’n out scenery YOU only ever dreamed of :)

ALSO……..ALLways Remember to DO whatever YOU CAN to FOCUS on the POSITIVE………

What IS has more to DO with what WE CHOOSE to SEE then what actually IS.………everything IS based upon Perception……Our CHOSEN Perception……

TRUE… CAN BE difficult at times to CHOOSE to see the Positive, but………YOU CAN, and with perseverence, determination, repetition, practise, it DOes BEcome EASIER and EASIER and EASIER and BEfore ya KNOW it…….YOU ARE CHOOSing to SEE the glass half full instead of half empty ;~)

Radiating LOVE
Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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