nothing is anything until WE MAKE IT something



Remember ANYthing within SELF that is NEGATIVE in ANY way, judgmental, harsh, hurtFull, painFull towards SELF & others is NOT TRUTH, NOT yOUR Voice, but the voice of illusory conditioning…….

~Nothing is anything until WE MAKE IT something~

Give SELF permission to release these HEAVY Burdens & flow into the Light & Bliss of LOVE ~ this is yOUR TRUTH, it is OUR TRUTH.


AMAZING what a relief it is to alleviate the negative mind converstations by detatching from them…just a quick little “flick of the mind switch” and voila, we are suddenly feeling empowered, motivated, inspired, and stimulated in such a positive high, regarding SELF and LIFE…..

This and this alone is PROOF POSITIVE…..WE ARE LOVE….the negative within our mind’s conversations is no more than heavy dusty mucky illusory weight, that WE HAVE THE POWER to release…….just like that!

Get out those vacuum cleaners and suck it ALL up and throw it ALL out and stand within the BEautiFull Clean, Clear Mind of SELF LOVE…..’cuz HAHNEY, YOU are REGAL, YOU ARE Miracle, YOU ARE DIVINE, and worthy of no less than the absolute best ~in so far as YOU DEFINE what “best” is for YOU!!

Go ahead, LOVE YOUr SELF!
Ya KNOW YOU want to!!

Blessedly BE
Radiating LOVE
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein


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