Let’s Talk Hormones


Positive Abundance surrounds our existence, our BEingness in every NOW!

From the billions of people/Earth Angels with whom we share this planet, to the millions of hair follicles, cells, pores on our bodies, blades of grass and leaves on the trees, we are surrounded by Abundance.

Remembering this, focusing upon this TRUTH allows us to maintain a vibrational harmony of Abundance within our BEingness and thus our NOW.



Something very important for ME as I deal with “P.M.D.D.”, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, a label affixed to denote the wacky hormonal changes which rapture my BEing on a routinely consistent basis – EVERY MONTH in fact, and one which I intend to prevail Victorious!
We ALL experience hormonal fluctuations within our BEingness. Hormones are released through out each DAY of our lives depending upon what we are DOing, eating, thinking, feeling, they are a NATURAL biological aspect/function of our BEingness.
Yes, ‘tis TRUE, we women are much more GIFTed in KNOWing, with greater ease, when MAJOR fluctuations occur, however, think NOT that men do NOT themselves, their own hormonal fluctuations experience, for they DO!

A GREAT method to BEcome Aware of our ‘more routine’ hormonal fluctuations is to keep Track of our SELVes. Keeping a monthly calendar for a few months, writing down how we are FEELing and Thinking, and our energy levels each day, in addition to any specific events, circumstances that may have arisen on any given day.

This will assist in KNOWing what triggers may cause hormonal fluctuations, in addition to pointing out if there are specific patterns to our fluctuations, if no circumstances {for example with women, we have our monthly menstruation}, are present to account for these fluctuations. We can then, BEgin our process to eliminate the negative responses that can occur as a result thereto.

This is something I did, when I first BEcame awares to the irrational emotional reactions I was feeling and the enormous energy fluctuations I was experiencing. It was of great assistance in pointing out that it was, in fact, completely tied to my menstrual cycle. It thus allowed for me to KNOW that these thoughts, feelings and energy fluctuations were NOT my TRUTH, but hormonal fluctuations affecting my awareness of TRUTH.

During the clutches of P.M.D.D., my emotional, psychological, mental and physical BEingness is accosted by any of the numerous conditioned FEARs of my upbringing.

From ILLUSORY Fears about money, security and stability to those of physicality, sexuality, motherhood, relationships, and awareness, my thoughts are accosted with egoic tricks of Mind, attempting to suck me into its drowning, debilitating vines.

ThankFully, I am aware of the ILLUSORY Truth of its snare.

SELF Reflection

SELF Reflection

ThankFully, I have looked unto/within SELF in LOVe’s Light to see my TRUTHs, unmask the negative conditioning and thus I KNOW, when I hear the voices of FEAR and negativity, that they are NOT mine, NOT Truth, and thus can eventually, Let go!

I look forward in enthusiastic anticipation to their complete dissipation!

Today, they were here and though through out my day, I experienced many a clear Light of Mind, the opportunity to so DO, maintained its FEARFull face, at every chance I gave it grace.

Yes, it’s true, you see, part in parcel of BEing Aware is KNOWing even though ravaged with hormones, I AM in control, I have the Power within to transcend, to redirect, not only my Mind’s Focus, but the very misdirected release of these hormones themSELVes.

As BEings of Energy, through and through with consciousness, and thus Free Will too, we have the Miraculous Gift, Each of WE, to BE our own God or Goddess, with our infinite omnipresence to Create Life as we CHOOSE it to BE.
We are ALL connected with ALL.

It is a FACT of our existence, and thus with our conscious free will, we can focus our energies and thus direct them with this AWEsome manifesting power, at will.



Our conditioning, from childhood to NOW, has created specific neural pathways within our brains.

Here’s how it works.

YOU have an experience, and then your brain interprets this experience. The brain operates on/by electrical impulses, which release specific chemicals. These chemicals, through a biological chain reaction within our BEing, create YOUr reaction. Once YOU have experienced something, the specific chemical reaction resulting thereto, has BEen experienced, and is thus KNOWn to YOUr brain. Sorta like with computers, YOU can delete files, but really, they’re ALLways there in the hard drive! Just ask YOUr friendly computer technician :)

neuron activity

neuron activity

NOW, some chemical reactions, neural pathways within the brain are stronger than others. Again, likening our brains to a computer, when we use the internet, and go to a specific web page over and over again, eventually, when we go to type in the web page, our browser window finds the page, BEfore we even finish typing in the full address. Presto, the website appears.

This is the same for experiences that we either had repeatedly or were extremely moving, meaningful, pleasurable or painful for us.

When we have similar experiences there after, the neural pathways of our previous experiences will BE fired, and invoke an ‘automatic’ reaction- IF we are NOT paying attention and BEing Aware. IF we are NOT, CHOOSing to Respond, instead of react.

And this is where it really gets GREAT!

Ya see, even though we have BEen conditioned, or should I say, our Brains have BEen conditioned to think in certain ways – stimulate specific neural pathways based upon associative experiences, WE have the POWER to CHANGE our neural pathways, we have the ability to take what has BEcome automatic and make it Conscious!

Automatic responses are those responses that exist, within our subconscious minds. Again, this takes either repeated experiences or very affecting ones to so BEcome, however, just like with our breathing, walking & talking, which we DO without conscious thought, these neural pathways fire without conscious awareness………UNTIL we make them Conscious!
We DO this by paying attention, BEing Aware and then………CHOOSing NEW Responses, new interpretations of these associated experiences.

So, for example, I KNOW, when I am in the throws of P.M.D.D., that my hormones are raging, BEcause I took the time to Pay Attention and BE Aware -charting my feelings, thoughts and daily experiences-, to KNOW this TRUTH, as I KNOW, my BEingness is conditioned to let these hormones ‘run the show’.

I also KNOW, that they, my hormones, are not the ones that get to direct the show, I AM the director.

Positive Thinking by CHOICE

Positive Thinking by CHOICE

That BEing said, when I have these negative thoughts and feelings, I tell mySELF, these are NOT mine, and replace the thoughts I AM having with NEW ones! I immediately go into my well of positive resources I have accumulated, and CHANGE my Mind’s Conversation for something TRUTHFull.
When I DO this, when I RESPOND instead of automatically reacting to a negative thought or feeling that is brought to the surface by what is called our reticular activation system, I CHANGE my neural pathways in my brain. I am RECONDITIONING my Brain.

We are NOT our Brains, We are NOT our Minds, We are NOT our Bodies.

We are the one’s CONTROLLING these -IF we so CHOOSE to BE.
When we realize that it is the “I” in “ME”, the “higher SELF” that runs the show, we are no longer victims to the tools of our manifested BEingness, and thus can BEgin to HEAL by reprogramming SELF positively.
YES! It takes time, it takes patience, persistence and repetition, just as it did when we were first taught/conditioned/programmed to walk, talk, think, feel, interpret life and BE.
I have had and BEen aware of my P.M.D.D. for 9 years NOW, and have BEen walking a pathway of Conscious enLIGHTenment for 18!
We have an entire lifetime to learn, grow and heal!
And we keep getting better and better,
transcending to greater and greater heights of expanded awareness, fulfilled happiness and healed bliss.
When I BEgan upon my journey with P.M.D.D., I started with medical doctors, tests and more tests and eventually prescription medication.

SELF Empowerment comes from Within

SELF Empowerment comes from Within

Today, I take NO medications, instead I CHOOSE to empower mySELF, KNOWing that I HAVE the Power within SELF to deal with ANY thing that comes my way, even automatic biological, chemical functions, and ya KNOW what, I AM!

My energy levels do NOT dip quite as drastically, as once they did. And when they DO, I honour SELF, and accept the GIFT my body is giving me, to take some much needed time to experience just BEing, ME.
My mood swings are not as drastic, BEcause I AM aware of that which is occurring and thus ‘

catch’ mySELF in the act and redirect my focus unto those things which uplift, assist and enLIGHTen me. I use positive music, images, literature, activities and of course the Blessings of Family and Friends :)

I DO whatever I can, to help ME, BEcause I AM WORTH it, I DESERVE to BE Happy, WE ALL DO, YOU DO, and it is ONLY YOU, who can make that happen! YOU have the power within YOU to CREATE the life of YOUr dreams, YOU ALLways have!

Sleepiness has come, thus until the next sun, I take my journey to dream land.
With the Conscious will of my Beingness directing my every cellular energetic SELF to heal on all levels of manifestation and BEyond. Attracting only Positive Abundance, Dreams, Goals, Desires, Life of My CHOOSing, Manifest in my Every NOW, ALLways, in/of/through LOVE’s Light.

Blessedly BE Sweet Earth Angels.
Here’s to the Consciously Chosen Manifested BEingness of each and every One of WE in LOVE’s Light for the Benefit of ALL :)

Radiate Soul Light
Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein/roni

For those seeking their own personal enLIGHTenment Guidance Journeys with Roni’s GIFTed LOVing assistance, simply click upon her name above and send her an email directly.  She awaits the Blessing to touch YOUr Life in LOVE’s Light.

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10 Replies to Let’s Talk Hormones

  1. kristen stewart says:

    hi first class little blogging site ya have here :-) ever so thankful – kudos :)

  2. Cristi Wangerin says:

    I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually fun to read. With all the fluff floating around on the internet, it is refreshing to read a site like yours instead.

  3. brain says:

    _()_ Humbled the honour of yOUR Sweet Words of LOVing acKNOWledgment & support.

    We look forward to welcoming YOU every time YOU journey yOUR adventure through and share in the Words of LOVE’s Wisdom for the BEnefit of ALL of WE.
    Blessedly BE

  4. brain says:

    _()_ Namaste.
    We are humbled the honour of yOUR ‘check’n us out’ and look forward to welcoming YOU every time YOU DO :)

    Blessings of LOVE’s Light to YOU!

  5. Luigi Fulk says:

    Treatment for PMS depends on the severity of the symptoms. For mild cases, treatment recommendations include diet modifications such as high carbohydrate meals and reducing salt, caffeine and alcohol, as well as a variety of methods for stress reduction and relaxation such as exercise, counselling and stress/behaviour management strategies.

  6. Luigi Fulk says:

    Women with PMDD complain of irritability, anger, tension, marked depressed mood, and mood lability (crying spells for no reason, verbal outbursts, or tantrums ) to such a severity that quality of life is seriously compromised. In addition to these symptoms, some women complain of lethargy, sleep disturbance, limited concentration and a host of physical symptoms such as breast tenderness, headaches, joint and muscle pain, bloating and weight gain.

  7. brain says:

    YES, yes they DO :)
    PMDD IS essentially like PMS on Steroids :)
    Instead of a nasty tick like itch it’s an all pervasive burning fire encompassing one’s entire body……except of course it’s more esoteric than physical….
    Thank YOU Luigi, for sharing in yOUR words of wisdom with and for the BEnefit of ALL of WE :)
    Blessings to YOU for yOUR HIGHEst HAPPYness.

  8. brain says:

    Thank YOU Luigi for bringing forth some of the many ways we can assist ourSELVes when dealing with regular hormonal changes such as PMS & PMDD.
    Regardless of severity and in fact, regardless of whether one deals with regular fluctuating hormonal changes on a small or grand scale, the recommendations for treatment YOU have outlined herein ***{EXCEPT for the “HIGH CARBOHYDRATE DIET} are actually recommendations we make to our Nutritional Angel Partner {clients} and to everyone in general to lead a Healthier Lifestyle.
    With respect to the carbohydrates it IS our recommendation that individuals consume ONLY WHOLE Grain & COMPLEX Carbohydrates as opposed to Simple Carbohydrates such as those found in processed sugars such as candies and white bread, for example. We also recommend that carbohydrates NOT BE the main focus on one’s meals, but a complimentary aggregate along with proteins, fats, fruits and vegetables……ensuring a BALANCED DIET.

    For more information regarding Nutritional Consultations, journey the adventure to our sister blog, Fulfilled Destiny S3.
    Here is the link:

  9. Ivan says:

    “Watch what I can make Pavlov do!”

    Haha, you really crack me up!

    This is a very interesting article, and I really like the way you explain things.
    I’m a bit short of time right now and can’t post much, but here are some thought-provoking ideas:
    – Hormones are like text messages.
    – The brain is like a garden.

    Confused? Think about it.

  10. brain says:

    Thank YOU Ivan, for yOUR very playFull jovial comment….ya got my heart smiling and my cheeks burst’n with bliss. 😀 hee hee

    LOVE the thought provoking ideas…..NOW if we can ALL recognize that just like a text message, we can ignore or better yet DELETE messages that aren’t assisting to us, and then DO it, that would BE TOTALLY AWEsome.***

    Funny thing about your second thought provoking idea….when my son was very young, to assist him with his emotions, I would say to him to create a garden out of the muddy thoughts, to allow flower to grow where there may have once been nothing but mud…… Thanks for the time travel. 😀

    Blissings to YOU Angel }*{
    We DO send forth creative energy that we shall BE blissed to hear from YOU again soon. ***

    Radiating LOVE,

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