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Jason Mraz, Cafe Gratitude, Alysse Fischer, Transcending EnLIGHTenment, WOW!

Ben Howard, Roni Lipstein, Alysse Fischer, Aline Ohannessian, Christine

Mesmerized Ecstasy, Captivating, AWEstruck, Inspired, Transcended State of LOVE WOW! Approximately 3 weeks ago, I was perusing through Twitter and came across a tweet by Jason Mraz‘s “JOYologist”, Tricia Huffman, […]


YOU are NOT YOUr Mind

I made this “pact” with mySELF some time ago, to wake each morning in SILENCE. I made this “pact” with mySELF based upon my BElief in our ability to communicate […]


Overcoming Doubts

We tell ourselves what we BElieve, who we are, with our “Mind Conversations” in our Every Now, ALLways! Our Mind Conversations are how and thus where we focus our ENERGY. […]