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Fit to BE, YOU!

Whilst upon this Earth School we are via our physical vessels or bodies.
WE, as in the “I” in “YOU”, is not merely that which is the physical representation of YOU, but the MIND of YOU.
Without your arm or leg, you are still you, n’est ce pas?
HOWEVER, how we feel, think, and act towards our physical selves, affects our inner or TRUE SELF, drastically and COMPLETELY!!!
When you feel great about how you look, you feel great about YOU!

Fantabulously enough, our physical self affects our inner self just as drastically and completely.
When we look in the mirror and see a healthy body, when we are able to run, swim, jump and play, we feel GREAT to BE!

We are ONE and thus must show as much respect, honour, and love for our body’s as we do our selves, for our BEingness WHOLE, body, mind and soul :)

BEing ‘fit’ comes in many shapes, sizes, and physical abilities. For some, running a 25k marathon is for others, a walk in the park.

The main intention is to GET PHYSICAL! Use the BEautiFull vessel that has given You the greatest gift, LIFE, here upon the Earth School, to BE the best vessel it and YOU can possibly BE.

The body, like any finely tuned machine, needs to be used, it needs to be active, to function at its optimal prime.
If you don’t use one arm for an entire day, that arm will seem much heavier and more difficult to manouver, than your arm that was used.
A car that is not driven will have a harder time starting than one that is used every day.

In addition to making use of your tools, one must, as we do with our car’s regular oil changes, ensure we are doing all we can to provide for the greatest maintenance of our tools, or bodies and ensure we are providing it, all the essentials it requires to function at maximum optimization or homeostasis.

This mean, in addition to a GREAT Nutritional lifestyle {see Introduction to Nutrition} we must also give our bodies that exercise, the movement, the ACTion & the rest, they require.

YES!, Rest. Believe it or not, YOUr body benefits MORE when given a day or relaxation, than when we pile on the exercises. It is when we are resting that our body’s are rebuilding, growing in strength, having the opportunity to take all the good exercise and physical activity you have given it, and put it to healthy revitalized BEingness.
Only when you rest, do your muscles rebuild the tissues torn through muscle conditioning or lifting weights, and thus our muscles become more defined, and grow.

On the same wave of thinking, if you have not done any exercise, there is nothing for your body to use to rebuild, revitalize, and refresh it self and thus YOU with.

We MUST give our bodies what they need to do what they need to do, best!

Exercise routines by the way, are NOT the only way to go, when it comes to BEing physical.
There are many avenues by which one may condition their physical vessels and never lift a weight or attend a cardio class at the gym.

Just getting out, going for a walk, gardening, cleaning the house, grocery shopping, BEing ACTive, IS physical and thus YOU ARE using and conditioning your vessel.

Of course, as with vitamins and minerals, we tend not to get enough of what our body’s need, {see Introduction to Nutrition}, in our daily lives, and thus setting aside Special Time to Exercise, becomes a guaranteed way by which we may ensure we are DOing ALL we can to give our body’s all they need, that we may live a long, happy and healthy life, and Fulfill our Destiny!!

STAY TUNED…..YOUr opportunity to purchase YOUr very OWN Personal Fitness Self Plans chock full of weight conditioning exercises, cardiovascular and calisthenics conditioning exercises, yoga, pilates, abdominals, cross training, compound exercises and so so much more {OVER 60 PAGES!!!}  is on the horizon!!!   Landing in a Dimension close to YOU very soon through Fulfilled Destiny S3, your one stop shop for all the tools, resources, facts, guides, Wisdom, Wellness, and TRUTH for YOUr WHOLE SELF, YOU require to Fulfill YOUr Destiny NOW!!!

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Rhonda Sheryl Lipstein, Roni.   Roni has been providing Holistic Life Coaching including Therapy, Fitness Programs/Training and Nutritional Consultation for nearly 18 years. To arrange your one-on-one session with Roni »» Get in Touch TODAY «« Follow us on Twitter: @radiate | @ArtWave | @BeingLoveTV

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  1. There are also many benefits if you have a certain special condition. For instance, if you are an athlete or play a certain sport, the trainers at the gym are able to guide you better on how to improve endurance for your game. Also, if you have met an injury or undergone an operation and are now in the recovery stage, the trainers will advise you with best exercises to help you recover fast.

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